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A Winter Wedding Guide

Thinking of a Winter wedding? It doesn’t always have to be white – why not make it BRIGHT! There are some beautiful Bridal gowns that are perfect – check this one out!

A red wedding dress will stand out perfectly against a white snowy landscape. 

White & snowy, I hear you say, in Marbella? 

Well not exactly in Marbella, but just 2 hours drive from here we find ourselves in the Sierra Nevada, and wouldn’t that just be perfect? Your pre-wedding party on the beach in the sun, and then the big day on a snowy mountaintop? 

Winter Wedding | Wedding Planning Services | Marbela | Nerja | Malaga | Costa del Sol | Costa Tropical

Bridal party outfits that go together so well for the upcoming Holiday season. Green is the colour and there are some gorgeous bridesmaid dresses out there for the 2022/23 winter season.

Remember, your bridesmaids need to feel gorgeous too (you don’t want any moody faces in those pictures!) so make sure their dresses are making them feel über special too! (though not as special as the bride of course!) 

How about a lovely green to go with that red for a superb Christmas wedding feel? 

Here are a couple of our favourites!

And this stunning little number is perfect for the on-trend flower girls! They need to match the bridesmaids but the dress needs to be practical, there’s only so long you can expect your little 7 year old niece to sit still! Make it a dress that converts into something more comfy for after the ceremony so she can run around with her friends (and play in that delicious snow!) 

And how about that tiara! It is absolutely stunning and easily removed after the official bits are done so she can let her hair down too!

Winter Wedding | Wedding Planning Services | Marbela | Nerja | Malaga | Costa del Sol | Costa Tropical

Are you loving the winter look as much as we do? Thinking of your very own winter wedding in Marbella? Why not contact us for a free quotation and chat about your wedding. We have the most beautiful venues in Marbella as well as Costa Tropical, Nerja and why not, also in Granada and Sierra Nevada if you so wish! 

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