Spectacular Palace in Málaga

This 19th Century Palace in Málaga has 12,000 square meters of beautiful gardens and open spaces to hold your ceremony and banquet. The Palace is located in the heart of Málaga has 4 junior suites and sleeps 8 people. The decoration at this venue is breath taking. An absolutely stunning venue to hold your wedding.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

The price depends on the season, the amount of guests and the length of time you need it for. We have a special wedding rate card that is exclusively to Signature Weddings and we will negotiate the very best price based on your requirements. 

Most venues allow live music up to midnight but others may have an extended license or some may not allow music in the evening. We will enquire for you and make sure all the arrangements are made. 

Especially if your wedding venue is not near to where your ceremony takes place you may need a tourbus to ferry your guests from one side of town to the next. We can arrange this for you. 

The majority of our venues have a place to hold the reception, ceremony, dinner and even the dancing so you won’t have to move too far to continue the celebrations!

Once you have decided on the venue, we will then enquire in the local area if there are any hotels, hostels or Airbnb rentals that the remainder of your guests can stay. 99% of the time your guests will stay local to your venue, but they are free to decide if they might want to stay somewhere near the coast or more inland. 

Most properties have a day or week rate, so you can decide depending ont he price and your budget if you wish to extend your stay for longer. We will make sure that we negotiate the best possible price for your wedding day. 

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