Wedding Trends for 2022

Want to know what the latest Wedding Trends are for 2022? Here’s 2 trends that we love the most! 

Seventies Boho chic is popular for the 2022 season with its loose flowing dresses looser hair and a less formal look. Hand tied wildflowers or a single sunflower – go with the flow!

This wedding trend is one of my favorite because it doesn’t just look pretty, it is so much less stressful to keep up during your wedding day! Windy weather? No problem! You want your hair to look “easy” – but be aware, to create this look actually does take some time, so don’t forget to plan your hairdresser in with plenty of time to create the “casual” look. 

The handtied wildflowers also need to be “in season” but your florist will be able to advise on this. It would be great if your florist can keep some of the flowers separate for you to incorporate in your hair, on your wedding banquet tables or dotted around your wedding venue. 

Wedding Trends | Wedding Planning Services | Marbela | Nerja | Malaga | Costa del Sol | Costa Tropical

The Sixties look is on the horizon for the 2022 season. Tea-length dresses are becoming more popular and with this look the hair is more back-combed and structured. We’re also loving the winged eye-liner to set it all off!

This look it not just elegant and so very pretty, it’s also very practical! 

Without the long tailed wedding dress, you have more room to move, dance the night away and you can halve your time in the toilet for sure! (Though you may still need the help of one of your bridesmaids!) 

The hair looks fantastic this way and if you plan it right with your hairdresser, you may be able to get a style that unclips so you can really let your hair down for after dinner. 

Wedding Trends | Wedding Planning Services | Marbela | Nerja | Malaga | Costa del Sol | Costa Tropical

There are 1000’s of wedding styles and we have seen so many of them during our many years offering our wedding planner services in the South of Spain. You can count on us, even if you are not sure about what style to choose, we can give you a few tips to guide you in the right direction. 

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