The Ultimate Guide To Wedding Stationery

Planning a wedding in Nerja, Spain, is a dream come true for many couples. With its stunning coastal views, charming streets, and rich cultural heritage, Nerja offers the perfect backdrop for a romantic and unforgettable celebration. As you embark on this exciting journey, one key element that will bring your vision to life and ensure your guests are well-informed is your wedding stationery. From beautifully designed invitations and RSVPs to detailed itineraries and thoughtful thank you cards, wedding stationery plays a crucial role in setting the tone for your big day. In this ultimate guide, we will explore the different types of wedding stationery you will need, the latest trends, and a timeline for preparing and sending them. 

Types of Wedding Stationery

Let’s dive into the beautiful world of wedding stationery and ensure every detail is perfect for your big day.

  • Purpose: Inform guests of the wedding date and location well in advance.
  • Design Tips: Keep it simple and reflective of your wedding theme. Popular options include postcards and magnets.
  • Purpose: Provide guests with essential details about the wedding ceremony and reception.
  • Design Tips: Incorporate your wedding colors, fonts, and motifs. Include inserts for additional information if needed.
RSVP Cards
  • Purpose: Allow guests to confirm their attendance and specify meal preferences.
  • Design Tips: Make sure the return address is clear and provide a deadline for responses.
Details Card
  • Purpose: Offer extra information such as accommodation options, transportation, and directions.
  • Design Tips: Use a coordinating design with your main invitation to keep everything cohesive.
Beautiful minimalist wedding stationery design as described previously.
  • Purpose: Provide a schedule of events for the wedding day or weekend.
  • Design Tips: Include times, locations, and any special instructions. Keep it clear and easy to read.
  • Purpose: Outline the order of events during the ceremony and introduce the wedding party.
  • Design Tips: Match the design to your wedding theme and include personal touches like quotes or thank you notes.
Thank You Cards
  • Purpose: Express gratitude to guests for their attendance and gifts.
  • Design Tips: Personalize each card with a handwritten note. Incorporate a photo from the wedding for an extra special touch.
  • Purpose: List the food and beverage options available during the reception.
  • Design Tips: Use elegant fonts and design elements that complement your table settings.

Current Trends in Wedding Stationery

Minimalist Designs

Clean lines, simple fonts, and neutral color palettes are in vogue, creating an elegant and modern look.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Recycled paper, plantable paper, and other sustainable options are increasingly popular among environmentally-conscious couples.

Bold Colors and Patterns

Vibrant hues and intricate patterns can make your stationery stand out and reflect your personality and wedding theme.

Digital Invitations

Eco-friendly and often more budget-friendly, digital invitations are becoming a preferred choice for many couples

Timeline for Preparing and Sending Wedding Stationery

Preparing and sending wedding stationery involves meticulous planning for timeliness and organisation. Start by deciding on themes and styles a year before your wedding. 

alvin-mahmudov-9_XfcBxf_uo-unsplash (1)
8-12 months ahead

 Send out save-the-dates 8-12 months ahead to give guests time to arrange their schedules. 

6-8 months prior

 Finalise your guest list and order invitations, RSVP cards, and inserts.

4-6 months before the wedding

Dispatch invitations before the wedding to allow for responses. In the last months, complete details cards, itineraries, and other necessary stationery.

Last 1-3 months

 Confirm seating arrangements and prepare thank you cards. Post-wedding, send thank you cards promptly within one to three months to express appreciation to your loved ones. 

In conclusion, Nerja offers a captivating blend of coastal beauty and cultural richness, making it an ideal wedding destination. From save-the-dates to thank you cards, each piece serves a purpose in informing and delighting your guests. By understanding the different types of wedding stationery, staying updated with current trends, and following a clear timeline, you can ensure that every detail is perfect. Thoughtfully designed stationery will leave a lasting impression on your guests and contribute to the overall magic of your wedding day.

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