Finding great Wedding Celebrants in Marbella

Church weddings are beautiful.  But if you are not particularly religious or would like something more relaxed, then you need to start looking for the best Wedding Celebrants in Marbella! And “Oh My!” there’s plenty to choose from! 

We have several Celebrants working regularly with us, delivering the perfect ceremony for each of our couples to make the day so special.

Celebrancy is a lovely profession and our celebrants work hard, making each and every ceremony perfect.  Each of the ceremonies delivered are very personal to our couples and you never hear the same thing twice as every one is bespoke, from the readings to the vows.

Although the food, the drink, the music, the venue etc are VERY important, without a ceremony there is no wedding.  That’s why the wedding celebrants in Marbella get to work early with their couples to make sure everything runs smoothly.  

The Celebrants we choose never fail to put a smile on everyone’s face and every ceremony is fun. Obviously every couple’s story is different and some of our couples have had amazing twists of fate that have brought them together. It is great if the celebrant uses that information during the ceremony.

Wedding Celebrants in Marbella

We asked one of our Marbella Wedding Celebrants to tell us about how their ceremonies happen:

What's the first thing Wedding Celebrants in Marbella do when they get a booking?

When I get a booking, I contact the couple and have a chat to see what they already know about a Celebrant ceremony and how that works.  I always ask if they have vows in mind and, if not, I send them some samples to look through, then they can get ideas about writing their own or use the samples if they wish.

I also ask them about readings. 

How do readings work?

Some couples have a reading or two, some have none at all but, again, I have samples for them to look through so they can get some ideas.  If the couple want something specific, I can write poems or readings for them. Lots of couples ask family or friends to read for them and those people will choose a reading appropriate to the couple.

I then get the couples’ story; how and when they met, holidays, jobs, pets, funny things that have happened to them, and especially the proposal.  I then put that all together with the readings and vows.

Are there different types of ceremonies?

There are other little ceremonies that I can put in if the couple wish like a candle ceremony, a rose ceremony and sometimes, if couples want something special, an Arras ceremony (very traditional in Spain) which involves coins being passed from the groom to the bride and back again, symbolising abundance in their marriage.  Three are lots of other special touches that can be added to make the ceremony special for the couple.

What else can be added to the ceremony?

I also have poems that I read to open and close the wedding and I send these to the couple beforehand to make sure they are happy with them.

Can a ceremony be personalised?

It sometimes takes a few drafts for the ceremony to be completely finalised.  Nothing is too much trouble because this is the couples’ special day and the ceremony has to be perfect for them.  What works for one couple may not work for another so I don’t care how long it takes, it must be absolutely perfect.

Do you enjoy being a wedding celebrant in Marbella?

I love my job and have married many couples over the years.  I have even done naming ceremonies for their children!

So you see if you are looking to find the best Wedding Celebrants in Marbella, Málaga, Nerja or anywhere on the Costa del Sol, you can absolutely rest assured that our celebrants will deliver exactly the ceremony you’ve dreamed of.

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