A Wedding Planners Logbook | MARCH 2022

Wedding Venue Viewing

We love our venue viewing days!
Venue viewings are in full swing and our couples for 2023/24 are very excited to get to Spain and take part.

Choosing a venue can be a difficult decision. Some couples are dead set on a certain venue but, after taking part in the day, choose a totally different one.

Others come to Spain with an open mind and, after seeing the vast selection of wedding venues we have in our portfolio, one will feel just right, and they can envision their wedding day there.

It’s always good to have and idea of a wedding venue in mind – for instance, if you really like the grandeur, we can show a beautiful mansion or a former palace.

Palace in Málaga | Wedding Venue Marbella, Málaga
Wedding Venue Viewing | private cortijo | Wedding Venue Marbella, Málaga

If a more understated – but still beautiful – wedding venue is your thing, we have plenty to show you.

Some people like to book a villa which can also accommodate guests and we can show you those too. We have venues to suit every taste.
Whatever your taste, the venue viewing days are a lot of fun and our couples really enjoy themselves.

How Wedding Venue Viewing works

We meet our couples at an arranged meeting point (generally their hotel) and take them on a trip along the coast, dropping in and various venues along the way. We have lunch and carry on with the day. The couples often make their choice that day, but sometimes they like to sleep on it and let us know shortly after.

We are proud to say that staff at all of our venues are highly professional and very accommodating – they go out of their way to help the couples and their guests and nothing is too much trouble.

April is almost upon us and Spring is in the air.

We are now getting ready for the 2022 wedding season with our first couples getting married next month…and we just can’t wait!

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