A Wedding Planners Logbook | FEBRUARY 2022

As wedding planners, we’ve been looking at bridal gowns and wedding party outfits for the 2023/24 season and there really are some beauties out there.

Boho chic is still very popular with its loose, flowing dresses, looser hair and a less formal look. Hand tied wildflowers or a single sunflower – go with the flow!

Whites, creams and nude with lace are all very popular this summer, with jewel-coloured gowns for winter weddings which are truly breathtaking.

Bridal gowns in bright red and dark green are perfect for Christmas weddings.

The Sixties look is also on the horizon for the 2023/24 season. Short tea-length dresses and short veils are becoming more popular and hair is more back-combed and structured. We’re loving the winged eye-liner to set it all off.

Jumpsuits are very popular for bridesmaids this season, sage green, dark green and navy blue in particular, with flower girls in white with touches of the bridesmaids colours.

These are especially popular with Boho brides who really love the flow of the jumpsuits.
Multi-way dresses are fantastic and look gorgeous. It means all the bridesmaids can put their own spin on the same dress and it always looks great.

Our celebrants have been very busy writing very personal ceremonies for our couples. For those that don’t really want a church ceremony, this is perfect as it is much more personal and much less formal. Our celebrants can include some beautiful touches with these ceremonies too, and guests or parents can be involved.

The ‘First Kiss, Last Kiss’ ceremony is particularly lovely as it involves the mums. So if you’re looking for a less formal, more personal service, contact us for a chat with one of our celebrants.

All in all, it’s looking like another beautiful season for 2022, with more gorgeousness for 2023/24 to come!.

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